Corporation, LLC, Partnership – What’s the Best Entity?

The route you take in regard to forming a business entity may have significant impact on you now and into the future. Business formation may affect personal liability, tax consequences and your profit margin. It is therefore important to consider involving an experienced business attorney to assist you in this important matter.

Besides Tax Issues, Why do I need a Business Formation Lawyer?

Whether you are interested in forming a general partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP), limited liability company (LLC), S corporation, C corporation or professional corporation (PC), as both a Business Lawyer and a Tax Attorney, I have the experience and wisdom to help you choose the appropriate business entity and help you to set it up properly.

How about just using Legal Zoom?

And yes, if you are one of the many who thought all that was needed was to go online and PayPal a few bucks to Legal Zoom, I have much experience straightening out the resultant shortcomings that you may just be discovering. In this litigious society we live in, a boilerplate document will not provide you or your company the numerous protections that you need specifically-tailored to protect you, your business, and to show you how to avoid unnecessary tax liabilities that these documents never even take into account. A small, affordable legal services invoice will be insignificant to the lawsuits avoided, the legal pitfalls side-stepped, and the potential taxes you will pocket rather than pony up to the government when you get started on the right foot, or correct your course if you are headed for troubled waters.

The Right Business Entity can Protect You from Problems and Taxes

The right choice of business entity can help ensure your bottom line is protected. Unlike some attorneys who might offer divorce services on Monday and business formations on Wednesday, my whole FOCUS in to protect professionals and business people in General Matters of Business Law, Business Law as it pertains to the Internet,Real Estate and Estate Planning. I purposed to create a one-stop law-shop where productive people can come strategize to protect themselves, grow their business, grow their wealth, and at the end of the day not turn all of their earnings needlessly over to the government in unnecessary taxes.

Upshot? – I am uniquely positioned to offer practical information and advice about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of business entities and cost-effective ways to make that entity come together quickly with special consideration to protect your legal and financial interests as our primary objective.

This is just a basic overview and is not legal advice specific to your situation. If you would like to speak with me about your situation, please email me at or call (619) 259-5030.

Business Attorney Valerie Kramer understands that investing some time in getting your business contracts in order, handling common legal transactions, or negotiating a lease should be cost-effective.

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