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debt collection lawyer - picture of cabinet installersIf you are owed $25,000 or more a Debt Collection Lawyer can help you. We DO NOT accept cases on contingency. Collection based on a contingency arrangement is a waste of your time! You want a focused, motivated lawyer with your file smartly in the center of HER desk. That’s what happens when you call debt collection lawyer Valerie Kramer! She will demand payment and if there is no response or adequate payment arrangement offered withing 10-days, Ms Kramer will sue your debtor(s). Simple. Effective.

If you have provided services as a professional and need payment we can help. Perhaps like a client of ours you install cabinets or built cool websites; maybe as a materials supplier you delivered a truck load of construction materials; or you are a real estate agent who sold a property and earned a commission and have not been paid. If you are not being paid, it is time to hire a debt collection lawyer to get your money. When compared to a “collection Agency,” a lawyer is MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than ineffective emailing and telephoning. When compared to a contingency collection attorney — with 1,000’s of cases where they know that some percentage will pay without filing suit or spending money — a pay-to-sue Debt Collection Lawyer has an amazing track record of success!

NO! We Do NOT Recommend Debt Collection Cases on Contingency?

Absolutely NOT? In 95% of cases, I DO NOT recommend you seek a contingency collection lawyer – and in 95% of cases I will flatly refuse to take your debt collection case on a contingency fee basis. I am Valerie L. Kramer and I have been successfully collecting money owed individuals, professionals and businesses for nearly 30-years. Choosing the contingency route is ineffective at best, and often an outright scam as practiced by some contingency paper mills. Before Hiring a Contingency Debt Collection Agency or a Contingency Debt Collection Lawyer, please read my article on wht those choices are doomed to fail:

CLICK HERE – Why Contingency Debt Collection is Doomed to Fail!

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When you need an aggressive debt collection lawyer to pursue a business or individual who is not paying you – you need some skin in the game. It pays off. Let me encourage you. More often than not, our attorney demand letter is all that that is necessary to get your debtor to pay in full or sign a repayment agreement with my office. If not, filing a civil lawsuit adds some additional expense, but that cost is affordable when compared with the money owed you. And such an aggressive, all-business filing of a civil collection lawsuit almost always succeeds by getting your debtors very-focused, undivided attention. Cases that are not solved with just the demand letter, are very likely to be collected once your debtor is served to reply to the court – without the case ever actually going into a courtroom trial.

Why Hire a Debt Collection Lawyer to Collect Money Owed You?

First – You’ve apparently come to a point to where you are very frustrated – and you have decided you want some help in getting serious. That is what we do.. Calling a debt collection lawyer is good decision. A lawyer is the BEST way to collect the money you are owed quickly!

Second – Transferring your debt to a collection agency is a serious waste of your time – By definition, collection agencies don’t do anything more than you have already been doing, but using a different envelope. It is far more fruitful to cut out the ineffective middleman and go directly to a debt collection lawyer. Think about it. When a collection agency fails to obtain results in collecting a debt, they will (sometimes) hire a lawyer, like me, to file a collection lawsuit. Sometimes? Collection agencies have so many cases that “sometimes” will usually not include your case! They don’t want to roll the dice paying an attorney if they are not 90% sure that they will make a ton of money! Upshot, very few cases are ever resolved using a contingency arrangement with a contingency-fee collection agency. BETTER to cut out the time wasters and go directly to a debt collection attorney before your debtor’s other unpaid creditors (who DO CHOOSE to get aggressive FAST), bleed off all available assets and cash for other peoples’ unpaid invoices. The early worm gets paid in these situations!

Third – Placing your claim with a contingency collection Lawyer is similar to an agency – in so many ways. That takes a WHOLE separate article to explain.

We Mean Business! – We Get in Your Debtor’s Face

Image that says Strictly BusinessIf someone owes you money – and you are here at our website, they are already in breach of agreement with you to pay what is owed. Your client/partner/debtor is in default. It is frustrating to be taken for granted: as if the money owed you is no big deal… It is time to be ALL BUSINESS. You need to get all professional — get down to business – the business of collecting the money they promised to pay you.

This is NOT personal; this is strictly business and good business people will not allow the grass to grow under an unpaid debt and broken promises. To do so is foolish. By waiting or stalling, your chances to collect what is owed you, statistically go down the drain – and rather quickly.

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As your “hired gun” – I get results! – I am Valerie Kramer and with some 30-years of sometimes attempting to be “nice,” it never seems to produce results. Over the past decades I have gone about the business of collecting debt professionally, but no-nonsense. My process is different from a collection agency or even a contingency-fee collection attorney. I use ALL legal remedies the law and the court allows. My process is very effective and definitely straight-forward:

 1) –We DO NOT send flowery, kumbaya “let’s all get along” letters.
 2) –We DO NOT have a room full of phone collectors – that DOESN’T work.
 3) –We DO use fast and aggressive legal strategies to collect your money.

You hired me to get the money you are owed – FAST. I do not operate a sluggish, inefficient collection mill operation. I get results!

We are attorneys! Serious, all business attorneys. We cut to the chase.

We offer your debtor TWO opportunities to pay you.

Our process is the following:

hand delivered
 1)- We SEND a 10-day Demand Letter. If ignored,
 2)- We FILE a Lawsuit with the court,
 3)- We HAND DELIVER a copy of that lawsuit (a legal summons) to your debtor’s home or office
   (you can specify which location to be most effective).

That lawsuit, once delivered, STARTS a 30-day legal court clock for your debtor to file an legal answer with the court, or face an automatic default judgment. Their only other choice, and one most will select, is to call our law office and (1) offer to pay you in full ASAP before the 30-day deadline, or (2) negotiate a payment arrangement that you are agreeable to using OUR carefully-drafted, legally-binding agreement. If they do either (1) or (2) before the 30 days is up, we can, with your approval, suspend the lawsuit.

We are neither stupid nor gullible – We would not suspend a lawsuit without some reassurances. We know that a payment here or there does not collect your money in full so if a repayment plan is acceptable to you, we will protect your rights and your interests by using a powerful re-payment agreement that has no loopholes and some teeth. Avoiding courtroom litigation is good for both parties and saves you money. If your debtor comes up wanting again, it will be as if you prevailed in court without the time and cost of a trial. Win – Win.

Call me… Let’s get started

Call me, debt collection lawyer Valerie L. Kramer at (619) 259-5030Let’s review by phone –right now– the debt that you are fretting over. Call a seasoned debt collection lawyer, Valerie L. Kramer at (619) 259-5030 for a FREE phone consultation. Let’s discuss the debt you need collected and determine if I am a good fit to help you collect your money. I will not tell you what I think you want to hear. I’ll share my honest assessment and recommendation.

If Business Debt Collection is new for You, Please remember Business 101 – It’s just Part of Doing Business

I’ve been a debt collection lawyer for almost 30-years. My regular business clients send me their slow-pay/no-pay claims for collection as everyday, routine business transactions once any of their clients reaches a predetermined point. Legal debt collection is as common for me and my business clients as making a sale or filing taxes. If this is new to you, keep in mind that every entrepreneur, professional or business owner will eventually have a client, customer, partner or individual –for whatever reason— is not paying you what you are owed. It may be time where you learn, like a business 101 class, that collecting what is justly owed you is just another business matter that, like all other business matters, must now be dealt with. Firmly. Today.

As Your Business Matures, Debt Collection Becomes Just Another Common Transaction

Commercial Collection LawyerIn order for any business endeavor to be successful, debt collection must be addressed with no more waste of time than paying the power bill. If not, your slow-pay, no-pay accounts will get so old as to be uncollectable. Debt collection by an experienced attorney is far more effective than hiring a collection agency. You will have to pay some modest fees, but we can tell you from our clients’ experience, that our fees are but a fraction of the cash our clients have recovered vs. the cost to collect. Our clients success is often because they run their business as do the best-run operations do, with a firm hand on the wheel. When your debtor originally asked for your product or service, or made a deal with you, YOU EXPECTED FULLY that you would be paid. Nothing has changed, except that they did not honor the deal. The honoring of “the deal” is the basis, the bedrock, on which our society functions. Call us. We are professionals. We will treat your debtor with professionalism and respect, but rest assured, our sole-focus is getting you your money (or whatever optional property/arrangement/concession that you instruct us to negotiate in fair trade as full payment) for the debt owed.

Let’s Custom-Write Your CORE Business Documents — Protect Yourself…

Avoid Expensive Future Collections! Most of our new clients that are first timers in needing a debt collected, wished that their paperwork had a sentence or a paragraph on the signature line or on the back of a work order or sales invoice. If ONLY! If only, there was a sentence that your client was on the hook to pay your attorney fees. Or, though your client is out of California, like a caller today whose debtor is in Florida, that by buying your product or service, should they fail to pay that they legally agreed that you can file your lawsuit in the San Diego, Orange County or Los Angeles court and NOT in Miami Florida where you need to hire 2 lawyers to get your money collected.

We Will Add Some Powerful Legalese to Your Sales Contracts, Agreements, Invoices. Etc.

Ever Gone Snow Skiing? – Ever Been to Disneyland?

As experienced San Diego Business and Collection attorneys – we often become friends and a trusted resource to our clients who first come to us because they were vulnerable and others took unfair advantage. We all have heard that the ticket you buy to ski down Mammoth Mountain means that you’ve agreed to ski at your own risk and that trying to sue the ski operation is a non-starter – right? Right! A dear friend, a 40-year experienced Newport Beach Trust attorney lawyer and accomplished competitive college skier was crashed into at Mammoth Mountain 2-years ago by a 250 LB out-of-control beginning skier resulting is broken ribs, puncturing lungs and almost costing our friend his life. David was in intensive care for 3-weeks. Could he, an accomplished courtroom litigator sue? As it turned out, NO: a virtually Iron Clad ticket agreement! Learn from David’s real life lesson; get your core documents in order!

Similarly, unless a Disneyland employee is caught on video beating up your child – the same goes for theme parks – “You agree that you are there at your own risk, so get over it!” Copy successful businesses and greatly benefit by getting your documents custom-tailored. Often it just takes a few hours.

A few of hours of our time and we can make your Core Documents STRONGER!

As business lawyers, after collecting a debt or fighting an unnecessary lawsuit, we are often asked to review our clients day-to-day documents to make common lawsuits non-starters, and future collection efforts easier and lest costly-to-collect by drafting sales contracts and invoices that put our clients in a far better and stronger position. We add language to collect attorney (and collection fees) into your daily documents, and cover all those bases that off-the-shelf business forms from your local Staples or stationery store just don’t address for your unique business.

Personalized, Affordable Legal Services

frustrated business owner wants debt collectedFrustrated though you might be — confronted with uncollected debts, we promise not to treat you like a number as you would be by working with a huge, impersonal national company. As a local San Diego / Orange County / Los Angeles debt collection lawyer, Ms. Kramer is able to provide exceptionally personalized debt collection service for when you are worried and anxious about something as important as YOUR money –that for whatever reason — is not yet in your bank account where it is should be.

Representing clients from large financial entities to corner retail businesses – we take the time we need to fully-explore the details of each collection matter you want us to pursue.

★— We represent individuals and business entities in legal collection matters involving: —★

★ Unpaid Invoices
★ Accounts Receivable
★ Commercial Equipment Financing
★ Sister State Judgments
★ Credit Cards

★ Promissory Notes
★ Non-Refunded Escrow/Earnest Funds
★ Post Judgment Collection on civil judgments
★ Insurance Premium Collection
★ Commercial Service Contracts

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