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We cater to clients located in San Diego, Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Business Law and Real Estate law are completely simpatico like salt and pepper on the dining table. Business Owners lease or own real estate, which needs lease documents reviewed or negotiated, purchase contracts reviews, real estate purchases transacted without the expense of a Realtor to save 6%, quiet title issues solved and so forth. On the other hand, Real Estate owners often face every day business challenges such as disputes, lawsuits, unpaid debts that need collecting, a corporation or LLC that needs to be set up along the way, and so on.

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Most every legal service – Valery Kramer, Warren Fujimoto, Angelo DuPlantier and Jeffrey Crafts performs for clients can be conducted from their desks. As it turns out, rarely do any of us ever darken a courtroom doorway, unlike common assumptions. The exceptions are high dollar, high drama courtroom litigation for some of our larger clients. But that’s not the norm. Even when one of our clients is served a lawsuit, it is usually solved by backroom, cost-effective negotiation instead of actual courtroom litigation. In these days of limited government resources; where court dates stretch out 5-long years, no one wants that cost and emotional turmoil to last that long.

BUSINESS LAW – Most of Valeries legal clients require Incorporation services which we can do with a go ahead by phone or email. Same goes for routine debt collection cases, and commercial lease disputes. If you are more than a few miles away from our offices, we can forgo a face-to-face initial meeting until some future time when you are close by; then please, stop in for coffee, tea or soda and get to know us in person.

REAL ESTATE LAW – Warren, Angelo and Jeffrey receive weekly calls to perform Quiet Title actions when an existing or new client’s pending purchase or property in escrow is abruptly put on “HOLD” because the title to a property is “clouded” and all hell is breaking loose amongst the buyer, seller, Realtors, Title Company and escrow officers. Same as with or business services, if it is inconvenient to meet face-to-face and if you are comfortable with us from our phone conversations, give us the go ahead to solve your Real Estate problem.

Time is almost always ‘critical’ in these common, but disruptive legal messes. – In the past several years, with the technology and communications so much more personal and instantaneous, we’ve been meeting fewer and fewer new clients in person; at least for those first cases. Eventually we always seem to get together. Typically what happens, is at the conclusion of a long strategy conversation by phone we are hired to get started on your challenge — and we do just that — all without you necessarily traveling to our offices before we can get started.

We’d love you to drop in to meet us in person, so please make an appointment if you’ve the time. If not, that’s OK too. We seasoned lawyers are learning that the ‘new normal’ is being “hired remotely” more and more by phone and email without a first sit-down meeting. PDFs emailed from a smartphone is so much faster than FAXES; lightspeed faster snail mail and FedEx. The legal services business is becoming more cost-effective and efficient. It also seems our clients live busy lives and would rather save the better part of a whole day to drive to our offices, locate parking, sit down for a meeting and then repeat the process for the return trip back to home or work.

We get it! The economy is still sluggish. Technology makes everything faster and easier, our clients desire affordable legal services and want us to get started “YESTERDAY” addressing their dilemma. And THAT is exactly what we do!

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