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If you are in need legal representation in a title insurance litigation matter in San Diego, we suggest that you contact Real Estate Attorney Warren Fujimoto, Esq. at your earliest convenience. Mr. Fujimoto represents parties involved in title insurance disputes, including sellers and owners of residential and commercial properties. If you need an experienced and competent Real Estate Attorney to represent you in a title defect matter, you can rest assured that Warren Fujimoto will work diligently to protect your interests and to resolve the matter.

Title Insurance Disputes and Defects

Title insurance protects against title search errors, undiscovered title defects, and losses that arise from disputes over property ownership once the property has been purchased. Title defects can cause major problems for residential and commercial property owners, buyers, and sellers. Without a clear title, your property’s marketability is drastically compromised. A potential buyer will likely be unable to obtain a loan to purchase your property which would prevent you from being able to easily sell the property. Even the smallest title defect will cause a lender to balk and thus create funding problems.

Most title problems arise through the rejection of the title by the buyer’s lender. When this happens, it is imperative that the extent of the title defect is known immediately and that a plan of action is initiated to remove the defect. An experienced Real Estate Attorney will work to clear the title of the defect or encumbrance. If the claim is covered by an existing Title Policy, all work to remove the uncovered defects will be paid for by the insurance company.

The whole purpose of Title insurance is to protect you against loss when defects arise related to the title of your property. If you find yourself with a title insurance matter that is disputed, having a Real Estate Attorney investigate the details and work to solve the matter will often accelerate and encourage all parties to find a solution as you are take more seriously that trying to unravel these defects on your own. It is always advisable to seek professional legal help from a Real Estate Attorney who is experienced in title insurance law and regulations. Real Estate Attorney, Warren Fujimoto is a San Diego Real Estate Attorney who can get results in your title insurance litigation matter, and represent you in any legal proceedings necessary to resolve the matter quickly cost-effectively.

Warren Fujimoto is a Real Estate Attorney and helps Property Owners, Buyers & Sellers, Real Estate Brokers, Commercial Tenants and others involved in everyday real estate transactions and disputes. Warren’s clients get maximum value for every penny spent, without padded hours for unnecessary “additional services.”

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