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If You Are Owed Serious Money – Get Some Skin in the Game

Hopeful Man who hired Contingency LawyerForget those empty contingency promises! – If you are owed $25,000 or more1 – hiring a debt collection lawyer to collect the money owed you is so much more effective! Valerie L. Kramer can be hired to be your Debt Collection Attorney to collect your money right now!

A Contingency Operation– agency or lawyer — will often wait 6-9 months from the date you sign up — waiting for their low-energy, low-impact collection efforts to play out — before ever considering filing a more effective civil lawsuit. After many months, these contingency operations often choose to not sue and allow your case expire as a lost cause…

To the contrary, when you hire a Pay-for-Service San Diego debt collection lawyer – you have on your team your own ‘hired gun’ — a hired legal professional who goes to work aggressively to get you your money NOW! Typically, when people are not paying their bills, that means they have more bills clamoring for their attention than money to spread around. Unfortunately for passive, timid creditors owed money, a few of the other creditors (the aggressive, no-nonsense creditors) who are experienced at getting paid fast, will likely beat you to what limited funds are available should you procrastinate or hire someone on contingency.

Unlike ‘sit back & wait’ contingency collection operations
Debt Collection Attorney Valerie Kramer immediately
goes after your money:

Valerie Kramer’s Direct, Down-to-Business Debt Collection Formula

Image of Debt Collection Demand LetterFIRST: Valerie will draft and mail a ONE TIME ONLY demand letter. That 10-Day Demand Letter – puts your debtor on notice that if you are not paid in full –or– if satisfactory payment arrangements are not negotiated in the coming 10-days, a civil lawsuit will be filed against your debtor.

Should your debtor be foolish enough to think the demand letter’s promise of a lawsuit a bluff – like your prior attempts to solicit payment seemed to be, he or she will learn otherwise in a hurry!

SECOND: Valerie, as promised, will immediately File & Serve a Civil Lawsuit – Should your debtor be so foolish as to ignore the demand letter, your newly hired San Diego debt collection attorney, Valerie L. Kramer, WILL (1) file a civil lawsuit at the local court house, and (2) have either a San Diego Sheriff officer1 or a private process server SERVE your debtor with a copy of the lawsuit (a legal summons) to your debtor either at their home, their business or their employer’s property. Valerie invites you to participate in deciding which service location will more effectively get your debtor’s attention.

Sheriff Service Civil LawsuitOnce Served with a Civil Lawsuit, your Debtor has 30-Days to answer or default – That summons, when legally served upon the now “defendant debtor,” starts a court-enforced countdown clock of just 30-days! Your debtor/defendant has exactly 30-days to locate and hire his or her own attorney to help draft an answer to your lawsuit’s claims that must be drafted exactly in the format and on the specific paper that the court requires, and filed with the court before the 30-days have expired.

If your defendant fails to file a proper answer within the 30-days, you essentially WIN the case by default whereby the court awards you a money judgment which you can then use to collect the money that is owed you by such means as garnishing wages from an employer, levy personal checking or savings account, if a business owner you can place a “keeper” legally inside your debtor’s business establishment to intercept any incoming funds from your debtors customers or seize checks that might show up in the mail until your debt is paid in full. Depending on the size of the debt you could seize an automobile or other vehicle, place a lien on a home or other real property.

Choosing a Contingency Debt Collecting Service Agency or Law Firm – is Like Vegas Odds

Most collection agencies, working on contingency, will wait 6 or 9 months before even considering hiring a lawyer to take over on your behalf. Once a debt is that old, the chances of collecting it are very rare – thus most agencies will NEVER hire a lawyer to file a civil lawsuit. Similarly, the same goes for many “contingency lawyers.” Contingency lawyers don’t want to invest the hours, nor spend their precious cash to file a civil lawsuit when they know that to DO NOTHING, given sufficient volume of cases accepted, they will make amazing “free money” without any serious investment of their time or money!

Contingency agencies and lawyers make money on the "house odds" that many cases will pay off without work or investment

Contingency agencies and lawyers make money on the “house odds” that many cases will pay off without work or investment

How do they make money without investing time, money or filing a civil lawsuit? Their business formula is that a predictable percentage of the 1,000’s of contingency cases that are placed under their iron-clad contingency contract will pay off without lifting a finger! Contingency collection operations get their 30%, 40% or even 50% cut of your money because a certain percentage of debtors will decide to pay their debt no matter what. Some debtors are waiting for a deal to close or some other factor, but unfortunately for the creditor who signed a stiff contract with a contingency operation, no matter the efforts or lack of efforts invested; no matter the money spend or money never spent for a civil lawsuit, these contingency people get that fat 40% or 50% of your money no matter what!

We hear the stories often when we are called by unhappy people that ask us – if the contingency agreement they signed “is legal even if the money just fell into the lap of the collection operation a day later without anyone lifting a finger?”

Sadly, yes. The Contingency operator will be paid that huge sum. Assume your debtor owed you $20,000, and when they end up paying (maybe they were planning to pay at a particular date, or maybe in response to an contingency lawyer letter), that agency or that lawyer just put $8,000 of your money in their wallet or purse. They win. You willingly agreed to the terms. In a sense, you lose. Contingency arrangements are like Las Vegas: the ‘house’ always wins:” the client – rarely.

Ms. Kramer will work for you with Honesty and Incorruptible Character — NEVER on Contingency

Contingent deals are not good for creditors. – For the vast majority of creditors who sign over their debt collection case to a contingency collection agency or to a contingency collection lawyer, unfortunately, they will be among the huge majority of creditors who reap NOTHING. In fact, the only results of hiring a contingency debt collection company will be more months of silence; little or no money collected, and because of more and more elapsed time passed by, the debt that might be collectable today will be difficult or impossible months from now when the more serious creditors used their lawyers to get their money, and/or before your debtor pays off the really squeaky wheels and then files Bankruptcy days before you finally get serious.

The months that you will sacrifice on a useless-contingency arrangement – to your chagrin, will allow your debtor’s other, more aggressive and savvy creditors to get paid during this critical time using the very same aggressive tactics we have laid out here (i.e. paid attorney debt collection services) before you and the others who are meekly plodding along stumble over a now shriveled-up, now tapped-out, debtor-carcass with no more assets nor cash flow left to pay off you and the other late comers – or expired contingency collection clients .

Contingency Cases are Frustrating for BOTH Clients & Attorneys

Collecting debts on a contingency fee basis can be frustrating to BOTH clients and attorneys.

If a debt collection case settles quickly – or a significant amount of money is collected —seemingly easily— then clients may feel frustrated that the attorney has taken advantage of them by siphoning off far more money than the attorney ever deserved. And they did. Good luck getting a refund on the agreed fee 🙁

Contingency Fee arrangements rarely, if ever, work out well – for both the client and the attorney. Contingency lawyers might “sign up” 100 cases, but the dirty little secret is they often sit of 5% of the most promising cases they believe will pay no matter what (with NO real effort required); and then only work (invest their time and funds) into typically another 5 of 100 cases that they are betting will be successful because there are huge, easy assets (bank accounts, thriving business, property) have easy to tap assets or a simply sure winners. The majority of cases contracted for? Those other 90 of 100 cases signed ups? Those contingency cases might receive collection agency-like treatment: a demand letter; an occasional phone call; — standard, ineffective, lackluster collection efforts that any nationwide paper-mill collection agency does hoping that a few pay and they can collect their steep cut of your money.

The Sacrifice & Opportunities Squandered on Contingency Long-Shots

Often, by the time you become totally discouraged, and finally give up – on your ‘contingency lawyer,’ you then start the search for an aggressive —yet affordable— pay-to-pursue collection attorney to ruthlessly and relentlessly pursue your debtor as you should have done months ago… You’ve come to the right place! If your debtor has any assets left…

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Please Call – I Will Honestly Advise You of Your Chances of Collecting if Months Have Passed

By the time a Contingency Collection Deal is canceled, months or years have passed – and the chances for collecting your debt lessen. Other more aggressive creditors who knew better then to waste time on contingency arrangements —thinking that “others” would be excited to pursue your debtor (when, of course, they were not)— have often managed to get their debts collected before the inexperienced creditor herd caught up. Now, so much time has past that the debtor just does not have any cash flow or assets remaining to satisfy what is owed you and the other less-aggressive creditors.

I am a brutally honest, frank and ethical attorney – to that end, I want to be truthful with you. We certainly do not want to duplicate tactics of a contingency collection operation that you recently left or your contract expired. Most debt collection cases have consistently better results when the creditor pays for straight-up legal collection services. Even if you are now a believer and ready to do so, if I believe there is little chance of being successful, I will tell you so. My law practice has no shortage of clients after 30 years in the business and never want to be said to trick anyone into hiring us for a case that might be better written off as a hard life lesson. If I think I can hep you, nothing would make me more pleased to offer you a taste of competent legal service.

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Hopefully, I’ve made a logical and practical case as to why hiring a “pay as you” debt collection attorney is stunningly more effective and completely affordable too. If you have been disappointed by a contingency arrangement recently, let’s have a frank phone conversation to determine if your case is still viable. If it is, I want you to fully grasp that I’ll be your focused lawyer – focused on your objective of collecting that which is rightfully yours. You and your case will be my priority and we will work as a team to get your case started ASAP and resolved quickly.

If you haven’t already read up on how I go about collecting your debt as your San Diego Debt Collection Lawyer, please CLICK HERE to read more about my legal debt collection process.

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