Estate Planning in San Diego

Business owners might wonder why estate planning is here on our website — a website about business law.

We want to have a well-rounded business legal practice and, frankly, anyone who has a “life,” a “family,” and a “business” has multiple reasons to make certain that all of your assets and endeavors are protected. If your business contracts are in order but your life contracts are non-existent you are not the captain of your own ship. Besides, Attorney Williams is a Estate Planning expert, and his skills are uniquely valuable to business owners and high income / high net worth individuals.

Estate Planning is Essential for Business Owners

Your business, your home, your cars and toys, your savings, your retirement and investments — all of these tangible assets comprise your “estate.” If you are taking care of business by getting your business in order with our help – we want you to also consider your entire situation: “the BIG picture.” When you work with San Diego Business & Estate Planning Attorney Valerie Kramer, he can assist you with your estate plan as well. You have the opportunity to achieve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your business life and your overall affairs – your “estate” are in order and will be resolved in accordance with your wishes, thus protecting those you love and all those who count on you.

Business Attorney Valerie Kramer provides personalized legal representation and expert counsel throughout the estate planning process, including handling of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living trusts, and more. He can help with these and more complicated issues, including business dissolution or succession, planning for children with special needs, retirement and asset protection planning, trust administration and complex tax planning.

Designing and drafting an estate plan that addresses your concerns can make all the difference for your loved ones upon your passing. It can also ensure that your wishes are carried out to the letter. In addition to providing clients with the initial establishment of an estate plan, Business & Tax Attorney Valerie Kramer can provide ongoing legal counsel in these matters, addressing changes to your estate plan or additional asset protection as the years pass. Valerie represents clients throughout San Diego.

Wills and Trusts

No matter your age or health, creating a will is one sound way to ensure your assets are distributed and your wishes are carried out as you desire. This is particularly important when you have children or have specific concerns in regards to loved ones you would like to care for or charitable contributions you would like to make. Business Attorney Valerie Kramer can help you draft the will that is right for you.

In some cases, it may be beneficial to establish a trust in order to protect your assets during and after your lifetime. You can appoint a trustee to manage your affairs and can develop a complete trust plan that allows you to dictate asset division, medical decisions and financial affairs if you are incapacitated in any way.

Business Attorney Valerie Kramer understands that investing some time in getting your business contracts in order, handling common legal transactions, or negotiating a lease should be cost-effective.

Valerie Kramer is also a Real Estate Attorney and helps Property Owners, Buyers & Sellers, Real Estate Brokers, Commercial Tenants and others involved in everyday real estate transactions and disputes. Valeries’s clients get maximum value for every penny spent, without padded hours for unnecessary “additional services.”

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